And one time at comedy camp…

Once upon there was a girl named Amy and a boy named Richie.  After working together on the Utah Battle of the Improvs, they realized that Utahns had a need, and the only answer for that need was more comedy.  They got together, the idea sparks flew, and the shortly, thereafter, the Salt Lake Comedy Festival was born.

The Conception & Birth of the Salt Lake Comedy Festival

Both Amy and Richie were aware of the awesome comedic talent throughout Utah. Yet, there was no way to celebrate all the humor.  They thought and thought and thought some more.  Throughout Utah, they knew comedians and improv players, sketch comedy writers and comedy filmmakers. There were comedy festivals from coast to coast, but Utah didn’t have anything for all the locals to enjoy.

Finding a Home for the Funny

The Grand Theatre at Salt Lake Community College’s South City campus is home to the Utah Battle of the Improvs. With a venue that can hold almost 1200 people and classroom spaces for workshops and special events, it became the perfect solution for such a festival.  No other space could be as accommodating for such an event.  The Grand Theatre was happy to sponsor the Salt Lake Comedy Festival, and, thus, funny found a home, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.